Responsive Sticky Navigation Bar using HTML CSS & JavaScript

Responsive Sticky Navigation Bar using HTML CSS & JavaScriptHello readers, Today in this blog you’ll learn how to create a Responsive Sticky Navigation Bar using HTML CSS & JavaScript. Earlier I’ve shared a blog on how to create a Responsive Navigation Menu Bar but now I’m going to create a Responsive Sticky Navbar on Scroll.

What is a Sticky Menu on Scroll? Sticky, or fixed, the navbar is a  graphical UI element of the website that is locked into place (mainly on top) on scroll so that it does not disappear or scroll when the user scrolls the page up or down.
In this program [Responsive Sticky Navigation Bar], at first, on the webpage there a transparent navbar that means it has no background color but when you scroll a little bit down then the background color appears and this navbar locked on the top of the webpage. This navigation bar is mobile-friendly which means this navbar is responsive to mobile devices also. In the PC, this navbar is shown horizontally but on mobile, this navbar is shown vertically.

Video Tutorial of Responsive Sticky Navigation Bar

In the video, you have seen the Responsive Sticky or Fixed Navbar and I hope you’ve understood the basic codes behind creating this navbar or navigation bar. In this video tutorial, I haven’t written the codes of Clip Animation on Menu which I’ve shown in the demo part but I’ve provided codes of the menu in the source files.

If you’re a beginner and you don’t know JavaScript, then you can download the files of this program from the below link mentioned as “Click here to download files” and use it on your projects, websites, and HTML pages without any limitations.

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Responsive Sticky Navigation Bar [Source Codes]

To create this program (Responsive Sticky Navbar). First, you need to create two Files one HTML File and another one is CSS File. After creating these files just paste the following codes into your file. First, create an HTML file with the name of index.html and paste the given codes in your HTML file. Remember, you’ve to create a file with .html extension.

Second, create a CSS file with the name of style.css and paste the given codes in your CSS file. Remember, you’ve to create a file with .css extension.

That’s all, now you’ve successfully created a Responsive Sticky Navigation Bar using HTML CSS & JavaScript. If your code not work or you’ve faced any errors/problems then please download the source code files from the given download button. It’s free and a .zip file will be downloaded and you’ve extracted it.


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  1. Awesome job mate, thank you for this! I am a relative beginner, I'm trying to combine your navbar with some grid design below it. when i link both your css and bootstrap CDN it messes up the navbar significantly, thoughts on how to do this correctly? Again, thank you for the code!

  2. Hi, excellent work, man! However, there seems to be an issue with the mobile menu version of the "Sticy Navbar – Clip Animation on Menu" code. Open the mobile bar menu, click on a link (I have added the respective hyperlinks in the text), and the mobile menu stays open covering the whole screen. On your "personal profile website" the mobile menu closes on link-click. Best.


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